Varmora tiles are one of the most practical building materials ever made. They have proven their durability and flexibility over thousands of years.


Custom-Made Orders

Let your tiles do the talking and make you enjoy your home even more.Our ceramic tiles are custom made to order as every project is different and unique.

The tiles are a digital reproduction of your art, photo, any surface image, image of fabric, old tile, retro, vintage, heritage or corporate design.Once the image has been printed it will be individually applied by hand using heat. Because we aim to achieve bright, vibrant and bold colours on our custom ceramic tiles we are using a low heat system to imprint into the surface of the tiles.The tiles display a beautiful finish, with a choice of matt, satin or gloss coating and can be used for any interior wall application or exterior in a shaded undercover area.

Site Surveys & Estimates

Installing ceramic or porcelain tile is both an art and a science. Tile installers must know the composition of the tiles as well as how to lay them in place attractively. Besides the normal costs of labor and materials, a tile project's costs vary by the type of sub-flooring to be used as a foundation for the tile. While a smooth, level cement floor is an ideal surface on which to lay tile, those conditions are somewhat rare in the tile laying business. Laying tile on uneven cement floor, the more common situation, requires additional time and materials that could raise the costs of the project beyond the costs associated with laying tile over a sub flooring made of wood or another material.

3D Designs/Prototyping

A new designing - prototyping - manufacturing (DPM) methodology for traditional ceramic shapes using rapid prototyping technologies is shown in this article, both for industrial or artistic objectives.The commonly called 3D printers have the capability of producing parts in a few hours using volumetric real plastic materials of high resistance, which makes them long lasting parts, manipulated and therefore suitable for use as molding arrays (matrix), facilitating their reproduction in different materials

Installation & Care

Installing ceramic tile can be tricky. Successful tiling jobs are a direct result of good planning and a methodical approach. Take the time to do the right amount of prep work before you begin.

STEP 1: Assess

STEP 2: Measure

STEP 3: Lay out the tiles

STEP 4: Cutting the tile

STEP 5: Adhering Tiles

STEP 6: Grouting tiles

STEP 7: Cleaning and sealing


Tile is known for its water resistance and easy cleaning. With the right maintenance routine, your tile floors, walls, and counter tops will look great and last for years.

  • Basic Maintenance
  • Glazed Tile
  • Un glazed Tile
  • Tips for Preventing Damage
  • Extra Protection
  • What to Avoid?